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Sons of the same land

Sons of the same land

10 August 2023

In the last newsletter (not registered yet? You can do it by clicking here, to stay updated on all the news) we anticipated that we had embarked on a new project, and the time has come to talk about it in more detail. "Sons of the same land" will be a documentary that will tell the story of Valpolicella as it has never been told before. In fact, although rivers of words have been written about this spectacular region since ancient times, this will be the first time that the beauty and history of our territory will be reported through a structured and organic video content.

Valpolicella has been inhabited continuously for at least 60,000 years, during which, generation after generation, man has been able to take possession of it and ineluctably change its appearance. The river, the quarries, the orchards, the villas, the wine: what remains authentic today in this corner of the world squeezed between the Adige and the Lessini Mountains? This adventure will be a journey not only in the territory, but also in the hearts and memories of those who live there. In fact, an integral part of the project are the interviews made with the most disparate personalities who live on this land every day: farmers and winemakers, stonemasons and entrepreneurs, artists and poets.

Running the project are three figures who are now more than familiar to us. It all started from an idea of Davide Canteri, Valpolicellese DOC founder of Pagus, as well as a literature teacher and a great history buff. Davide then involved two friends with whom we had already collaborated on various occasions. The production of the documentary was entrusted to Stefano Zampini, also born and raised in Valpolicella, a photographer and video producer always active in the cultural and artistic sphere in his homeland. The direction, on the other hand, is entrusted to Lorenzo Vanzan, one of the most interesting young directors in the Veneto region and winner of several awards for the short films he directed.

The three co-authors have already begun to present the work in the area, to promote it and make it known to the local population, which is basically the protagonist of the narrative. The goal, however, is to bring the documentary to the general public, also participating in category festivals and looking for a distributor for television. There is still a long way to go and huge funding is needed for the production and post-production phases. A crowdfunding was therefore activated with a flexible target of €30,000, which will end at the end of September 2023.

Do you want to participate too to make this dream come true? It's very easy, just visit the dedicated website ( and choose how much to donate. Each donation is matched with a thank-you prize and a special mention in the end credits (you can find all the details on the website).

While waiting for the actual filming to start, click here to take a look at the presentation trailer. We can't wait to introduce you to this corner of the world that we have the honor to call home!

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