Le Bignele: sleep, taste, love

What about visiting a winery where you can also overnight? Today we take you to Le Bignele, a winery where the passion for hospitality has led its owner to open a B&B. A magical place in the middle of Valpolicella where you can taste, sleep and fall in love with the family who runs the winery.

Le Bignele

Le Bignele is a small family-run winery set on the hills of Marano di Valpolicella. It owes its name to the place where the ancestors of the current owners bought the land back in the 19th century. Since then, Aldrighetti’s family (that’s the last name of the owners) has always been working the land to obtain wonderful Valpolicella wines. Today three siblings on their 30s-40s run the winery in a very passionate way. Silvia, Cecilia and Nicola are indeed the core of the business. Nicola looks after his vines, together with his dad, and he is responsible for the wine production too. Silvia and Cecilia – two super sweet yet a bit crazy girls – follow the sales, the B&B and the tastings. Their outgoing personalities are just perfect to make everyone enjoy the tasting and have fun at the same time.

Le Bignele: sleep, taste, love

Cecilia ready to get the tasting started

Taste and relax

Taking a wine tasting at Le Bignele is a very interesting and relaxing experience. The visit always starts from the terrace they have outside the winery. That’s one of our favourite spot to enjoy the view on Valpolicella hills. Starting the wine tour with this picture-postcard view, is for sure a plus this winery can offer. Then, you can visit the fruttaio, the production area and the barrel room, the most suggestive place. After a great deal of information and laughs, it is finally time for tasting. During the wine tasting you can taste about 6 different kinds of wines all paired with typical salami or cheese. That’s another great thing of this winery: they really care about the matching wine and food which is an amazing aspect of the wine tasting.

Le Bignele: sleep, taste, love

The beautiful view from Le Bignele winery

Le Bignele wines

Le Bignele’s wine selection focuses 100% on Valpolicella’s typical grape varieties. Nevertheless, their products include two wines which are neither a DOC nor a DOCG wine. The nice anecdote about these two wines is that they are dedicated to some family members of Le Bignele. The first one is Doseto del Nonno, a fresh and easy red wine dedicated do the grandad (nonno) of the current generation. The second one is the rosè Lumi, which owes its name to the combination of the little girls’ names who will hopefully run the winery in the future: Ludovica and Noemi. A part from these “outsider” wines, Le Bignele produces all the typical wines from Valpolicella Superiore to Amarone. Would you like to meet this family, enjoy nice wines and admire one of the most beautiful views on Valpolicella hills? We can take you to Le Bignele, just join us for a Two Amarone Wineries or a Sunday of Amarone.

Le Bignele: sleep, taste, love

Le Bingele’s wine selection

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