Piccoli winery: girl power in Valpolicella

Who said that wine making is a man’s job? Today we take you to Piccoli winery, where two young sisters run together their family boutique winery. Let’s meet Veronica and Alice and let’s discover their story.

Piccoli winery

Femininity, art and passion are the key words to describe this winery. The location itself is a piece of art and has a great feminine touch. The winery lies on the top of a hill called Monte la Parte and the view from there is amazing. In front of you the winery stands: a super modern winery excavated in the tufa, which suits perfectly the surrounding environment. All around, the family vineyards are trained with the guyot system and the most traditional pergola veronese. Last but not least, you can glimpse Verona city centre in the distance. The magic continues inside the winery where in the barrels room and inside the wine making area you can see the excavated tuff rock on some walls. The feminine touch is instead predominant in the tasting room: colourful, elegant and with glass window which allow you to enjoy the landscape while tasting a glass of Piccoli’s wines.

Piccoli winery: girl power in Valpolicella

The excavated tuff rock you can see from the barrel room

Veronica and Alice

Ok so now probably it is clear, Piccoli winery is just beautiful but it is not the only beautiful thing at Piccoli’s. The two girls who run the winery are gorgeous. They are two young sisters on their 30s with very different personalities, which complete each other. Alice -sweet, calm and kind- is mainly busy in the productive area: the wine cellar is her reign. Veronica -outgoing, friendly and sociable- takes care of wine tastings, guests and sales. In spite of their different personalities, they share the same dream and aim: producing top quality wine from the vineyards of their family. The complete name of the winery is indeed Daniela Piccoli, the name and surname of their mum. Veronica and Alice manage to run the winery in a perfect way and their distinctive temperaments add a special touch to their great work.

Piccoli winery: girl power in Valpolicella

Veronica and Alice with their parents in the barrel room

Piccoli’s wine

Alice and Veronica’s wine production aims at enhancing the indigenous grapes of Valpolicella. It is therefore a niche production with about 40.000 bottles per year. Exclusively focused on red wines, the only “outsider” is their last creation: a sparkling rosè produced with only native grapes. A part from this rosè and the igt Emblema, the entire wine selection is dedicate to Valpolicella DOC and DOCG wines. The selection includes two different kinds of Amarone: the regular one and the Riserva. The last one is produced only in the best vintages and undergoes an aging in wood of about 5 years. If you feel like discovering the feminine side of Valpolicella, Piccoli is the right winery to pick! Choose a two Amarone or a three Amarone wineries tour and discover with us the fine wine world of Piccoli.

Piccoli winery: girl power in Valpolicella

Veronica pouring a glass of Piccoli’s wine during the tasting

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