Fratelli Vogadori winery: brotherhood in Valpolicella

There is strength in numbers can be the motto of Fratelli Vogadori (litteraly Vogadori brothers), the winery we are going to talk about today. Fratelli Vogadori winery is a beautiful place set on the hills of Negrar, the Eastern valley of Valpolicella classica. Here three brothers run their winery in a traditional yet innovative way. Let’s find out more about these three guys.

A dreamy location in Negrar

Vogadori’s winery is a family owned business. Here three brothers follow the entire wine making process, from the vineyards to the export. What we really love about this winery is the sense of peace you have once you get to the winery. Vineyards, roses and olive trees make it a special place for visitors who seek the contact with nature. The visit starts from the vineyards, where you can discover with one of the three brothers the secrets of their vines. Alberto, Emanuele and Gaetano are always glad to show their guests the way the work both in the vineyards and in the winery following their granddad’s footsteps. Their work is focus on the respect of the environment. Thus, they avoid the use of pesticides and herbicides and use only natural fertilizer and indigenous yeasts. A choice the three brothers are proud of and which we think is great too.

Fratelli Vogadori winery: brotherhood in Valpolicella

Alberto, on the foreground on the left, checking the quality of his grapes during the harvest

Hospitality in Negrar

Hospitality is one of the keyword of this winery. The three brothers have invested a lot on how to make their guests living a beautiful wine experience in Valpolicella. This is the reason why their winery offers a wide range of events, which all rotate about wine, vineyards and winemaking process. We all know, that wine has the magical power to bring people closer. This is why the three brothers organize for example, wine team building experiences. Co-workers can spend a day helping with the harvest or trying to be sommelier for a night finding out the best match between wine and food. This is just one of the many events Vogadori’s winery offer to make people know better their work, their products and the wonderful heritage Valpolicella has to offer.

Fratelli Vogadori winery: brotherhood in Valpolicella

Wine and vineyards at Fratelli Vogadori’s winery

Tour and wine tasting

This winery offers a complete experience from the vineyards until the tasting. Or better, tour and wine tasting happen at the same moment since Vogadori brothers always welcome you with a glass of Valpolicella right at the beginning of the tour. After the visit of the vineyards, the wine cellar, the drying loft and the barrel room, you finally reach the tasting room. Here the view is just amazing. You can admire hundreds of vines through the glass windows while enjoying a glass of Vogadori’s wine. No matter the season, the view is amazing 365 days a year. During the tasting, you can enjoy the typical Valpolicella wines, including two different vintages of Amarone. You can taste their olive oil and grappa as well. If you would like to know better Vogadori’s brothers than join us for a Sunday of Amarone, a Two Amarone wineries or a Three Amarone wineries. We are glad to show you the beauty of Negrar valley.

Fratelli Vogadori winery: brotherhood in Valpolicella

The view you can enjoy from the tasting room of Vogadori’s winery

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