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Marchesi Fumanelli: an estate with centuries of history

Marchesi Fumanelli: an estate with centuries of history

05 August 2021

Close your eyes and try to describe what comes to your mind with the word "estate".

You have probably thought of a historic villa, with a large courtyard, surrounded by greenery: cypresses, vineyards and cherry trees, overlooking a valley from the top of a hill.

marchese fumanelli veduta

Now open your eyes, because such a place exists: it is Tenuta Squarano by Marchesi Fumanelli, in San Pietro in Cariano. We are in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica, at the foot of the hills from which the valleys branch off.

The estate is located on a hill owned by the company. It includes 25 hectares of vineyards, in a single plot, and the villa with the production cellar. To make this place even more unique, it is the walls that surround it and that seem to protect its history.

marchi su cancello marchesi fumanelli

History, which here has deep roots: the remains found of a Roman settlement testify this, it was an agricultural fund where grapes were grown and wine was produced even then. This tradition has been carried on since 1470 by the Marquises Fumanelli, who gave life to the villa, the cellar and the production of excellent wines.

The key word of this company is uniqueness: there is no such place. To keep it, they always wanted to approach it with tradition: local vines, which are expressed with the most innovative winemaking techniques; respect for nature, so that it gives an excellent raw material; product quality, maintained with a strict selection of grapes that leads to vinification of only 40% of the production.

Octavius fumanelli

The emblem od this vision is Amarone Riserva Octavius. The name derives from a person, Octavius, who lived here in Roman times, evidenced by the fragments found.

This wine expresses the maximum selection of grapes, and is the result of a long drying and aging. Just like the long history of the company that produces it, it is a wine that needs all the time necessary to make it a child of the tradition it carries on.

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