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Fieracavalli: the biggest horse fair in the world

Fieracavalli: the biggest horse fair in the world

16 November 2019

From working animals to pets, horses have always played a great role in human life especially for people living in the countryside. To celebrate their importance and the high value of the equestrian economic branch, Verona has been hosting for more than 120 years Fieracavalli: the biggest horse fair in the world. Competitions, music events, workshops and shows are just a small part of the entire kermesse whose, aim is to promote the equine economy together with the respect for these wonderful animals.

Fieracavalli 121st edition

From the 6th to the 10th of November 2019 our beautiful city hosted the 121st edition of Fieracavalli. More than 2.4000 horses of 60 different breeds and 750 companies attended the event, which emphasised the importance of horses in sport, business, pet-therapy and tourism. The whole fair was mainly focused on the respect for horses. This is the reason why 20.000 super-young kids could attend “il Villaggio del bambino” (the child’s village) where they could learn in a very funny way about the horse world, their role in history and their importance as men’s buddy. Great relevance was also given to the environmental sustainability and the way horses can influence it positively both in agriculture and tourism.

Horse competition at Fieracavalli, Verona

Horse competition at Fieracavalli, Verona

Horses and Agriculture

Some centuries ago, especially in North Europe, farmers used to consider horses as essential team members. Today, after a break of about 70 years, a lot of farms and wineries are rediscovering their precious help in the fields. Talking about vineyards, for example, horses are able to work the land in a softer way compared to tractors. Therefore, the soil can absorb air, water and microorganisms enriching its composition and making the vines more productive.


Moreover horses do not pollute the environment, they do not consume petrol and they fertilize the soil in a natural way. Last but not least, in the biodynamic agriculture men and horses work together helping each other. Even if everything sounds good, it is not so easy at the beginning. With horses, you need a lot of time and patience before seeing the first results. However, once you have achieved them you will treasure them forever.

Horses working in the vineyards: an ancient tecnique that has been rediscovered

Horses working in the vineyards: an ancient tecnique that has been rediscovered

Horses and Tourism

Agriculture, horses and tourism build together a perfect combination. Nowadays, lots of people show indeed a great interest in the so-called rural tourism, a way to connect with nature discovering a more relaxed lifestyle. Riding a horse is therefore the perfect way to explore the countryside of the place you visit. With us you can combine relaxation, good wines and the stunning view on Valpolicella countryside. Thanks to our collaboration with Centro Ippico Valpolicella you can experience our tour Horse and Wine in Valpolicella. During the half day tour you will:

  • Find your contact with nature
  • Feel overwhelmed by the beauty of Valpolicella landscape (especially right now with the amazing foliage)
  • Relax while riding your horse away from cars, pollution and traffic lights
  • End in style visiting a winery and tasting Valpolicella’s wines (Amarone included)
    Do you feel like discovering Valpolicella in a different way? Just take your sneakers and get on a horse with us!

One of our guest riding a horse in the vineyards during our Horse and Wine Tour

One of our guest riding a horse in the vineyards during our Horse and Wine Tour

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