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A story of a territory, a story of a family: Pieropan

A story of a territory, a story of a family: Pieropan

26 July 2022

Nowadays, the Soave white wine is famous all around the world, this is undeniable. But, to whom do we owe this? Certainly to very few and historical wineries in the Soave Classico zone, and among these, surely Pieropan winery is in the front line. A wine company born in 1880, that based its philosophy on strong values such as sustainability, modernity and initiative. These are the founding elements of an identity that was defined by a visionary par excellence: Leonildo Pieropan.

A visionary project

The new and recently inaugurated cellar in the territory of Soave Classico, was founded on this clear and well-delineated philosophy. The aim was to integrate the new winery with the surrounding area, contaminating it the less as possible, in terms of both visual and environmental impact.  From the rooftop vineyard to the botanical garden, as from the collection of the rainwater to the use of 100% local materials.

The new cellar rises in a fantastic position for the proximity to its main vineyards: it is located right in the middle of its historical vineyards: on the right side “Il Calvarino”, first Italian Cru born in 1971, and “la Rocca”, a Cru too from 1978. And right on this last vineyard focuses our attention. 

Cantina Pieropan | The Plan

“La Rocca”: a special heritage

“La Rocca” is a vineyard located on the Monte Rocchetta hill, right behind the medieval castle of Soave village. The soil here is very different from the classic volcanic soil of Soave: it is calcareous clay from marine origin.

Pieropan, La Rocca Classico 2018/19 Soave |

For this difference, Leonildo in 1978, with an incredible intuition, decided to ageing the wine coming from “La Rocca”, for one year in tonneaux. This decision was revolutionary for a Soave wine of that period and it led this wine to the total cancellation of its sales until 1995. In this year, after a vertical tasting with the Italian Sommeliers Association (Ais), “La Rocca” was defined the best Italian white wine.

PerSorsi - Pieropan e il Soave - AIS Veneto

From here comes the prestige of this vineyard, that Pagus Wine Tours wanted to convert into a completely dedicated tour. The tour consists of the visit of “La Rocca” vineyard, and the following visit of the new winery with the tasting of its classic wines.

We will present you the new collaboration and the new Pieropan dedicated tour during a degustation evening in our store, don’t miss the opportunity to come in contact with this amazing reality!

...see you soon!

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