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Warm summer breeze, small streets packed with boutique shops, bougainvillea blooming on ancient roman buildings: This is Sirmione. The small peninsula is in fact the gem of the Lake for the unique mix of culture, history and attractions it offers. Last but not least, it is also the homeland of Lugana, the wonderful white wine […]

The differences between various Recioto wines Don’t just ask for “a glass of Recioto”! In Veneto, you will find three wines with the same name, produced in neighbouring lands: Recioto della Valpolicella, Recioto di Soave and Recioto di Gambellara — so similar yet so different. They all share the highest recognition for an Italian wine, […]

The most precious stone of Lessinia Since prehistory, in the upper valley of Negrar, the people of Valpolicella used, extracted and worked a peculiar type of stone to create tools and shelters: “Prun stone”. It takes its name of the site of the main cave, even if nowadays it is better known as “Lessinia stone”, […]

Welcome to court, meet our king Amarone is probably the best known wine of Valpolicella: unique and inimitable, its name is a synonym for distinction and its exclusivity recalls the hard work necessary to create this complex wine. Did you know that it was created almost by mistake? And what are “arelle”? Take a walk […]

Let us show you the country we love, Valpolicella! Right on the outskirts of fair Verona, lies a land that since the dawn of civilization has been described as charming and plentiful… Valpolicella welcomes you with its various yet always breath-taking landscapes in its valleys. Take a hike up the Lessini mountain group, part of […]