The Castle of Soave and its fairytale atmosphere

Once upon a time just few miles from Verona, there was a wonderful castle which raised up on a hill. This castle was called Castello di Soave, and it was named after the tiny hamlet it controlled. No Prince Charming nor princess used to live here, yet its beauty could take everyone to a dream world. Guess what? The castle, after more than 1000 years, is still there in the magic burg of Soave and is definitely a must see if you are around Verona!

The burg

Soave is a medioeval village just about 20 kilometres east from Verona city center. Even if it is small – in half a day you can visit Soave far and wide – it is a very charming burg. During the Roman Empire, Soave was a strategic point on the famous Via Postumia, the “ancient highway” which linked Genoa to Aquileia. Nevertheless, the burg experienced its Golden Age during the Middle Ages and this is also the time when its Castle was built. Same thing for the city walls, whose building dates back to the same time in history. Both the Castle and the city walls give the small hamlet its magic atmosphere.

The Castle of Soave and its fairytale atmosphere

The city walls around Soave

Its Castle

But what is the history of Soave and its amazing castle? Well, the fortress and the walls were built around the 10th century A.C., in order to protect the city from the frequent Hungarian invasions. As already said, the castle has never been a mansion for wealthy families. Due to its strategic position, it was used instead as a military fortress to control the area around Soave. During the Middle Ages, the role of the castle grew more and more and this is why the famous Signorie wanted to get control over it. Della Scala family (lords of Verona) was the first who owned the castle at the beginning of the 12th century, followed by Visconti (lords of Milan), Da Carrara (lords of Padua) and even the Republic of Venice.

After having been in a state of abandon around the 17th century, Giulio Camuzzoni, an important politician at that time in Verona, decided to buy the property. Still today, his descendants are taking care of it. The castle stands out thanks to its dominant position. Its walls were built in different centuries and each one of them embraces a courtyard inside the castle. The outer walls enclose the whole village making it a majestic burg. The keep and the hanging courtyard are the most beautiful part of the castle from which you can enjoy a wonderful view on the Soave vineyards and countryside.

The Castle of Soave and its fairytale atmosphere

Our guests enjoying the view from the Castle

Its wines

Soave is not just about history and culture, it is also about good food, great hospitality and nice wines. Soave is indeed not just the name of the burg but also the name of its wines. A still and dry white wine made mainly out of the indigenous grape Garganega. And if you are fond of dessert wines, do not you worry! Recioto di Soave is the amazing golden sweet wine produced by drying the Garganega grapes to make the famous passito. Do you fancy a weekend on the fabulous hills of Soave, sipping a refreshing glass of its great white wine? Then book a weekend with us for a Soave and Amarone holiday or, if you have just few hours free, join us on a taste of Soave!

The Castle of Soave and its fairytale atmosphere

Soave wine tasting

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