Corte Borghetti: 1 mum + 3 kids + 1 passion

Today we take you virtually to Corte Borghetti, in the very heart of Valpolicella classica. Here, lives a woman who decided to change completely her life plans to devote herself to her passion: the wine business. Do you feel like finding out more about Barbara and the great work she does? Then keep on reading our article.

Barbara, her passion, her kids

The first person you meet once you get to Corte Borghetti is Barbara. She is a gorgeous and kind woman, who some years ago decided to shake up her life. In fact, after having worked for some years as a lawyer she took the strong decision to leave her job to follow her passion. She started therefore her beloved project: bottling the wine of her family under her own brand and welcoming guests from every corner of the world in her property. An ambitious project, which she has dedicated to what she loves more than anything else, her 3 kids. This is way on the label of her wines you can clearly recognize the elegant logo BB3 where BB is the acronym for Barbara Borghetti and 3 is the number of her children. Even the only outsider wine (since it is not a typical Valpolicella wine) she produces is dedicated to her three kids. Its name is indeed tre (literally three) and is a young, fresh and fizzy wine, which suits perfectly the idea of youth and joy.

Corte Borghetti: 1 mum + 3 kids + 1 passion

Barbara, the owner of Corte Borghetti

Key word: Hospitality

If we had to find a nickname for Barbara, the right one would be, hand down, “the queen of hospitality”. The tour she offers is complete, beautiful and super tasty. Barbara usually waits for you in the courtyard of her family villa where she lives today with her kids. Even standing on the courtyard is just great since the villa, which dates back to the XVI century, is an attraction on its own. With a 3-minute walk you reach her vineyards. Walking under the pergola with Barbara explaining the secrets of her vines is just magical. Then she shows you around her winery: the open-air winemaking area, the fruttaio, the barrels room. But wait, the best has yet to come! After the tour Barbara takes you downstairs in a place which will leave you speechless. It is the old family cellar which she has converted into the tasting room. The setting is just amazing; a small and old wine cellar with a feminine and elegant touch. Here everyone can take a seat and enjoy the tasting. So what about the tasting ?

Corte Borghetti: 1 mum + 3 kids + 1 passion

Barbara and her guests in her beautiful tasting room

Enjoy the tasting

During the tasting Barbara pures the 4 typical Valpolicella wines she produces: Valpolicella, Valpolicella Superiore, Ripasso and Amarone. All her products, from the very easy and fruity Valpolicella to the bold and structured Amarone are matched with wonderful and yummy local food. Barbara will delight your palate with traditional soppressa, coppa and pancetta (all typical kind of salami). You can also taste traditional cheese from Monte Veronese to Parmigiano Reggiano paired with jam and mostarda (a spicy jam). And what about ending the tasting with a glass of Amarone and a piece of dark chocolate? It sounds good, doesn’t it? Barbara follows every single step of the tasting with a great focus on the satisfaction of her guests. She describes all the wines and food but also give you the possibility to chat and relax with your travel buddies in a fairy-tale cellar. Are you eager to meet Barbara, enjoy a glass of wine and discover a beautiful winery? Then join us for a tour in Valpolicella such as the Three Amarone wineries, the Two Amarone wineries or the Valpolicella and Amarone with lunch.

Corte Borghetti: 1 mum + 3 kids + 1 passion

A bottle of Valpolicella Ripasso produced by the winery Corte Borghetti

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