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The province of Trento can offer territorial beauty, historical and artistic wealth and splendid wines, are you ready to fall in love with valleys, alpine landscapes and the thousand contrasts of this breathtaking land?

Off the beaten track we will closely visit the production realities of Trento DOC and Teroldego Rotaliano DOC and we will learn more about the history of these places.

Rhaetian, Roman and medieval testimonies dot these lands, which can also be a symbol of research and innovation.

Trento DOC is the sparkling wine champenoise method produced in the province of Trento, son of the mountains and the Dolomites.

These “mountain bubbles” have a tradition of at least 150 years and continue to be synonymous with excellence today.

The production area of the grapes destined for Trento DOC includes 74 municipalities, located in the province of Trento, for a total of about 10,000 hectares distributed in mainly mountainous areas, with vineyards reaching even 800 m a.s.l.


It is the altitude and the strong temperature variations that forge the distinctive character of this elegant and fragrant Classic Method.

Trento DOC sparkling wines must be obtained from Chardonnay and/or Pinot Bianco and/or Pinot Nero and/or Meunier vines and Trento Doc must remain for at least 15 months on fermentation yeasts in the Brut version and 36 months in the Riserva version.

The white Trento DOC has a fine and persistent foam, pale yellow color, a characteristic hint of yeast, a lively and harmonious flavor. In the rosé version it acquires more fruity vibes and the Riserva has a golden color and a fuller flavor.

Perfect to be consumed as an aperitif or with fish dishes, mixed fried foods and shellfish.

Teroldego is the prince wine of Trentino, its presence is attested in the areas north of the Piana Rotaliana, north of Trento, since 1300 and the Teroldego Rotaliano DOC denomination was the first Trentino varietal DOC.

According to a legend, the Teroldego vineyard was born from the blood of the Dragon that terrified the inhabitants of Mezzocorona, in fact it would have the same intense ruby red color.

Teroldego Rotaliano DOC is characterized by aromas of blueberries, raspberries and wild blackberries, with notes of leather and coffee. On the palate it is full and velvety, balanced and warm, with silky tannins.

The younger vintages go perfectly with second courses of red or white meats, while Riserva goes well with more elaborate dishes, such as braised meats and game.

Trentino will conquer and welcome you, with a fragrant Trento DOC or with velvety Teroldego. Are you ready to leave with us?

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