Corte Quaiara

Corte Quaiara

Corte Quaiara Quaiara

Discover with Pagus the history of Corte Quaiara, an history of passion and love for the land of Custoza

Corte Quaiara wines are out of the box, but they are the best way in which Giovanni Montresor manages to communicate who he is and what he does. Some vines are even unusual for the production area in which we find ourselves, the Custoza hills, but it is in this land that they have found their ideal habitat. Each of the Corte Quaiara wines has a precise meaning, and is the result of a choice that is renewed harvest after harvest.

The soil in which the vines sink their roots is of glacial origin. At one time this whole area was covered by waters that have solidified and melted several times as a result of the great glaciations that took place millennia of years ago. The legacy that the glacier has left is a deeply mixed soil, very rich in minerals, but lacking in nutrients. A land that pushes the vine to give the best of itself and that at the same time gives all wines a strong savory note, reminiscent of a sea of thousands of years ago.

The logo chosen for the company is the same that Giovanni’s grandfather, Guglielmo Veneri, used for his bottles 50 years ago. It represents a small quail, a symbol of the work that was carried out at that time in the ancient peasant court where the company stands today. A place where the cultivation of vineyards was combined with cereals, vegetables and the breeding of farmyard animals. Using this logo means going back to the origins and taking care of this land with your own hands.

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