Vermouth Utopia di Garganega Tessari

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Denomination: Vermouth 

Ingredients: Garganega wine, alcohol, sugar, hydroalcoholic infusion of medicinal herbs 

Alcohol: 17.5% Vol 

Size: 0,75 cl 

Production method: Garganega wine is infused with a careful selection of Garda medicinal botanicals. Produced through maceration and refinement. 

MAIN BOTANICALS: absinthe, coriander, angelica, lavender, cinchona 


Tasting Notes

Utopia di Garganega has a velvetyfresh, bitter and round aroma.

Food pairings

It is perfect as an aperitif with ice and a slice of orange or the classic lemon peel. Mixed, it is the ideal base for creating your favorite cocktail.