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Cookies policy: the website of the Pagus Wine Tours company, (the “site”), uses cookies to make its services simple and efficient for users who are viewing its pages. Users who access will receive tiny quantities of information which are inserted into the device they are using, whether it be a computer or a mobile device.
Such information appears in small files called “cookies”, which are saved in the directories used by one’s web browser. There are several types of cookies: some make the site more efficient to use, others are necessary to activate certain functions.


Website Managing Cookies


Technical Cookies


The site uses exclusively “technical” cookies, in other words navigation (or session) cookies, for functioning and for analytic purposes, all created and used by the manager of the site.


Cookies for Navigation (or Session Cookies)


These are the cookies that allow you to normally use the site and take advantage of its services, for example to make purchases, to authenticate oneself in order to access reserved areas, or to store one’s personal preferences. This type of cookies can consequently be distinguished according to their recurrence on the terminal of the user: those that are automatically deleted after every navigation session are called “session cookies”.


Analytic Cookies


These cookies gather, in an anonymous way, information on how our website is being used. Furthermore, it allows us to acquire better knowledge of the users. It also allows us to improve the functioning of the site. Analytic cookies are assimilated into technical cookies, wherever they are used directly by the manager of the site, for the purpose of collecting information. Or, they can be used in aggregate form, to analyze the number of users and how the users proceed in visiting the site. In order to install such cookies, it is not necessary to receive the consensus of the user.

The following is a list of the above-mentioned cookies:

“Google analytics”: data acquired through Google analytics will also be used by Google, according to the service terms they have established.


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These “social network buttons” visible on our website are for the purpose of allowing the user to share his or her contents by means of the various social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus. The cookies are deposited by these platforms on our site such that they can collect information on your type of navigation. To obtain additional information on the managing of cookies and privacy regulations, use the following links: Facebook click here, Twitter click here, YouTube click here, Google Plus click here, Instagram click here.


Cookies for Integrating Third-Party Products and Software Functions


This type of cookies integrates functions developed by third parties within the pages of our site. Such functions can be the icons and preferences expressed in social networks, for the purpose of sharing the contents of the site, or for the use of third-party software services (such as types of software used to generate maps or further software that offer added services). These cookies are sent by third-party domains as well as by partner sites that offer their functions within the pages of the site.

This is a list of the relevant links:

Google maps


Installation/Disabling of Cookies – Options of the Browser


You can select a function according to which your computer will give you notice every time a cookie is set. Or, you can choose to cancel all the cookies. You can select such functions through the settings on your browser. Every browser is slightly different. Therefore we invite you to correctly use the “help” button on your browser in order to change the functions relative to the cookies. If you decide to block or delete the cookies, then you will no longer have access to many functions which make our site more efficient for your experience, and some of our services will cease to work properly.


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