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Harvest is an act of trust

Harvest is an act of trust

15 September 2021

For wine lovers this is the most beautiful time of the year: grape harvest in Valpolicella, wine festivals, cellars smelling of must.

For wineries, this is the most delicate period: time to harvest the fruit of a year of work.

Time and nature are the two factors on which a winemaker depends most. During the harvest period, the first thing a winemaker does as soon as he wakes up is to check the weather forecast. That's right: if you want to know what the weather will be like, ask a winemaker: he will always know.

How is the harvest going this year? Compared to previous years, the season is delayed by about ten days: this is because in spring the temperatures were low and May was also a cool and rainy month.

The first grapes that are harvested are those destined for drying wines: Amarone della Valpolicella, Recioto di Soave and Recioto della Valpolicella. These grapes are harvested by hand, in boxes and left to dry for a few months in the wineries.

Before harvesting, it is important to evaluate the health of the grapes and their ripeness. The latter depends on the sugar level that the grapes reach: for this reason it is important to have a season with favorable weather, alternating heat and wind, sun and rain, in order to make the bunches grow at their best.

The harvest is underway, the vintage has been good, but only once the wine is in the bottle can we really know how the harvest went. For this reason, wine is an act of trust: towards nature, towards those who produce it, towards those who recommend it and towards those who promote it.

Dear winelovers, behind every bottle you open, think about the harvest that generated it and all the expectations that the wine you are going to enjoy contains. Cheers and happy harvest!

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